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For over 37 years, we at Kornfeld Law Firm have lived by one simple axiom: Our clients come first.  We believe in helping our clients prepare for their retirement years by educating them on all their estate planning and elder law options, which lets them choose the plan that fits them best, allowing for both personal comfort and financial freedom. 

We help our clients achieve their goals with comprehensive long-term care, estate and asset protection planning. We use a wide variety of legal techniques depending on each person’s individual needs and goals.  Essentially, though, our approach remains the same for all our clients.  After a comprehensive assessment, we set forth a plan that will protect the client’s assets to the maximum amount possible.  This allows our clients to live comfortably and preserve those assets for the next generation.

Our Brooklyn lawyers understand that asset protection can be a difficult topic to think about, let alone plan for.  However, we also firmly believe that doing this planning will actually ease your mind and help you live in peace, knowing that you have a plan in place to deal with the possible contingencies.  At Kornfeld Law Firm, our goal is to help you achieve that peace of mind. 

Our Process

You have questions about your future.  To help you find answers to these questions and solutions to your planning needs, we begin by asking you questions.  Not just about your assets, but also about your greatest concerns and hopes for the future.  It is only by getting to know you, and what matters most to you, that we can design and implement a customized plan to address all of your needs and help you realize your dreams.  We don’t simply draft legal documents.  Our hope is to establish a solid relationship with you, based on mutual trust and respect, and serve as your counselors for life. 

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Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney

Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney

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