Sam Stein, Attorney

Sam Stein

Brooklyn Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorney

Co-founding partner Sam Stein truly built one of the foundational cornerstones of our firm: the document drafting process we use to ensure we get our clients the results we’ve promised them. Though he understands the many complexities of estate planning, elder law and real estate law, he is able to translate them into a language that our clients can easily understand. How does Sam achieve such good results? By being a good listener. He’ll sit down with you and listen to your family’s full story, so he can understand who in your family is to inherit what; what roles different family members will play in legal processes; and what you want your legacy to be. Sam knows that although he deals with estate planning every day … our clients don’t! So, he strives to make it as comfortable and reassuring a process as possible. Outside of the law practice, Sam has worked for many years managing facilities that provide care for adults with special needs and helping them in other ways as well.

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