New York Medicaid Application Process

Receive guidance from Kornfeld Law Firm as you apply for Medicaid

The New York Medicaid application process may seem difficult and complex with potential obstacles to overcome.  Our attorneys at the Kornfeld Law Firm will ensure you obtain the Medicaid benefits you need and understand what specific steps and actions to take during the application process by managing the entire process for you.

New York Medicaid Application Assistance

Apply for Medicaid Assistance

In order to obtain Medicaid assistance, you will need to complete an application at the local office of the New York state Medicaid agency. Several documents must be presented at the time of application. The agency will determine your eligibility and will notify you of their decision.  At the Kornfeld Law Firm, our legal team can handle the entire application process for you ensuring that you will receive the assistance you need in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

Determine The Type of Care Needed

Our Brooklyn attorneys work with clients to identify the kind of care they need, and we help them to achieve it. We facilitate clients to receive:

  • Care at home with the assistance of a registered and licensed home health aide
  • Care within a skilled facility such as a nursing home or assisted living

Consult Our Elder Law & Medicaid Application Attorneys in Brooklyn

At Kornfeld Law firm in Brooklyn our Elder Law Attorneys will work to provide you effective legal advice and strategies to obtain the care you need.

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