Kornfeld Law Firm Client Testimonials

Success stories from our estate planning, elder law, and real estate clients

"We had pushed off planning for many years. We always knew we had to do something but we just never seemed to actually do it. Finally, we attended Jason’s seminar in July and we were inspired to get our affairs in order. I guess knowledge can be a powerful thing. We were wondering how we hadn’t done this sooner! From the process of consultation to planning to completion we were taken care of with great care. Everything was laid out clearly and there were no surprises. The fees were straightforward and Jason has stayed in contact with us even after we completed our planning."

Jacob & Judith L. | Brooklyn

"An associate had referred me to the Kornfeld Law Firm. He had created a Medicaid plan with them and was very satisfied. I contacted them and knew they were the right fit for me. My calls were either answered when I called or returned soon thereafter. The planning was done in a systematic fashion and was very detail oriented. Many questions were asked so that they could understand my situation completely. I was impressed with the way things were done and had a first-rate experience."

Michael J. | Manhattan

"Securing the future of our special needs son was of utmost importance to us, but we had no idea how to go about doing it. We found the Kornfeld Law Firm and couldn’t be happier. Someone from the office (usually Jason or Sam) was always available to assist us with any questions we had along the way. They made us feel as though we were their number one client no matter how busy they were. An excellent experience in every way."

Daniella Z. | Midwood

"We met with Jason and Sam after a terrible experience with a previous lawyer. The previous lawyer did not even meet with us himself, barely stopping in to say hello. His paralegal did not seem very knowledgeable and could not answer a lot of our questions. We left the office with a bad taste in our mouths and did not return. Fast forward five years and a situation with a family member convinced us that long term care planning was needed. Kornfeld law firm was recommended and our experience could not have been more different. This time, we only met with attorneys. We got every question answered and every step of our plan was clearly articulated. Overall, it was a pleasure dealing with them and we came away satisfied and secure in our plan."

Jonathan and Sarah M. | Park Slope

"When my mother died, I honestly felt like I was drowning. So much needed to be done, and at the same time I felt like I didn’t know where to begin. My mother did not even have a will, and had assets spread all over the place. There were bills to be paid, the mortgage broker was calling, and the bank was refusing to deal with us. Joseph, and his son Jason, were a lifesaver for me. They guided me through every step of the process and settled my mother’s estate in less time than I could believe. They spent countless hours on the phone with the banks and lifted an incredible burden off my shoulders. They were just amazing to deal with and I honestly don’t think I could have gotten through that time without them."

Jeffrey S. | Brooklyn

"When I first met Jason I didn’t know what to expect. The whole process seemed very scary to me. I didn’t even want to think about estate planning much less make all the decisions that had to be made. Well, I can say dealing with Jason completely exceeded my expectations. He spent hours on the phone with me answering questions, explaining my plan, and reassuring me when I was worried. Not only that, but he met with at me at my house since it is difficult for me to get around. I don’t think any other lawyer would have spent as much time helping me as he did. Jason, you are the best! Thanks so much!"

Rachel D. | Brooklyn

"​Years ago, my siblings and I went though a terrible time when my father got sick. His Medicaid application took months to process and was rejected several times, all this after we spent a significant amount of money paying for a nursing home ourselves. I cannot tell you how big a nightmare the whole process was. More recently, my mother reached the point where she needed help. A friend recommended the Kornfeld Law Firm and it was like night and day. They handled everything quickly and efficiently and made what was a difficult time for my family so much easier. I really can’t say enough about them."

Eli M. | Boro Park

"I was reluctant for a long time to do any sort of planning. I had attended a seminar once before and frankly, the whole experience left me with more questions than I previously had! However, I decided to give it another shot and attended the seminar given by Kornfeld Law Firm. The experience couldn’t have been more different. The young lawyer who gave the seminar was patient and exceptionally clear in his presentation. He took numerous questions to make sure there was no confusion. After the seminar, me and my wife met with Jason and again he was nothing but courteous and great to deal with. Thanks Jason!"

Morris and Sophie G. | Brooklyn

"​I have dealt with many lawyers before and the process can be painful. However, I can actually say that dealing with Jason while setting up my estate plan was a positive experience. He was always warm and friendly, completely professional, yet quick with a joke. He was easy to get in touch with and responsive to all my concerns. I would highly recommend him."